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What's Happening At Chelsea

Where are the horses?

The herd is back home and everyone is very happy to be back in their favourite place - Chelsea Pony Club.

Our horses have winter away so that the grass can grow and recover.

People have asked if they are allowed to pat the horses. As far as we know there is no evidence of COVID transmission from patting the horses, you may see the horses grazing up by the big Chelsea sign at the moment as they are in this paddock. We ask that you don't enter the area by the clubhouse without checking with someone there first. We limit access to our grounds. If you are invited in to pat a horse, please use the COVID tracing app, maintain distance from other people and santize in and out.

Remember to take care as sometimes horses bite (usually each other). If you'd like to feed them, just carrots or apples as other items can give them a sore stomach. Keep your hand flat, it is very easy for fingers to be mistaken for carrots, and help small children.

Huge Thanks to ...

All our members and supporters

All those that personally donate each season.

Rochelle Brinsdon - Ray White Real Estate for continued supporting Chelsea Pony Clubs season.

NZBOX and Fonterra Grass Roots

For our new tack shed.

The Cheesecake Shop Birkenhead - thank you Vicky and her friendly team.

BG Contracting - For the fantastic job with our arena and XC jumps

Timberworld – 2 Bay Park Place, Birkdale for supply and delivery of timber for Arena fencing

Hirequip – 98 Wairau Road, North Shore, Auckland for equipment hire

Gleeson & Cox Transport – 145 Kerrs Road, Wiri, Auckland for supply and delivery of GAP20 base metal

Reharvested Timber Products – 41A Hunua Road, Papakura, Auckland for supply and delivery of the Cushionride

Chelsea Pony Club is located on Eskdale Road, on the North Shore of Auckland's beautiful Waitemata Harbour.

We are a small club renowned in the Waitemata Rodney area to be one of the most friendly and with the greatest club spirit. Pony Club is designed to be fun and educational and we welcome both Riding Members and Non-Riding Members (yes, that means adults who just like to hang around horses and horsey people).

Limited grazing means we have only a few ponies and horses on site but we do offer a very soft arena, excellent jumping areas and a cross country course. Paddocks border on conservation bush, allowing for some exceptional nature trails.

At Chelsea Pony Club we encourage active participation from riders, siblings, parents and grandparents. Our riders and ponies successfully compete against larger groups, and most importantly of all, we proudly invited our local community to enjoy our Open Days.

FLOATING-IN, RIDING and NON-RIDING MEMBERS. Join Chelsea and enjoy club spirit and great coaching.

Can I Feed the Horses?

Yes you can, here is some helpful information

  • Have an adult help you.

  • Please do remember only carrots, apples or grass if you are feeding them over the fence - other food can make them sick.

  • Keep your hand flat and hold the item of food in the middle of your flat hand. The horse might not be able to tell the difference between your thumb and the carrot.

  • Horse can bite and kick - please take care. If in doubt, just look.

  • Did you know that horses cannot see directly in front of them, always approach a horse from the side and be sure to call out Hello, as you approach so they know you are there. It can be frightening if suddenly someone touches their face when they don't know where you are.

What's Best About Our Club?

Our Club Spirit Our Members Our Open Days Our Coaches

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